Will Work For Cupcakes

Sometimes people pay me to help them on the Internet. If you're looking for content creation, general wordsmithing, or just some social media advice I would love to help you bring your project to life. 


Content Creation & Copywriting 

A lot of people know what to say- they just need help saying it. If you need website copy, social media content, or press release kits I'm your girl. 

Social Media Campaigns

It's hard to know where to start when creating a social media campaign. After professionally tweeting for a few years I've learned a thing or two about creating a social media strategy.

Editing & Ghostwriting

Sometimes it just takes an outside source to really fine tune your work and craft your story. I'll edit an existing project or sneakily write a new one, whatever it takes to clearly communicate your message.

Bad Ideas

I'm full of them. These are free. You're welcome to them any time you would like.